Orthopedic Services

Sports Medicine

Fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeons highly skilled in the most progressive techniques for fractures, knee and shoulder injuries and overuse syndromes. more »

Athletic Training

Our Certified Athletic Trainers work hard to minimize the effects of on-field injuries and work closely with the coaching staffs to create an emergency response team through Sports Safety/CPR/AED training and emergency action plans. more »

Workers' Compensation

We offer a complete continuum of care to serve employers and employees: from pre-employment physicals and assessments to first-line work comp assessments to acute care response and orthopedic surgery. We work with people from all ages and walks of life to restore movement and improve quality of life. We facilitate outstanding return-to-work programs and results. more »

Occupational Medicine

Our licensed physical therapists are trained in the evaluation and rehabilitation of surgical and non-surgical conditions, including back and neck pain or injury. more »

General Orthopedic Services

Smarter surgical methods result in less pain for our patient, quicker rehab and more function. more »

Rehabilitation/Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists and PT assistants have extensive educational and clinical backgrounds—many have their doctorates more »


The 1.5T Siemens MAGNETOM Sonata is easy to use and offers crystal-clear diagnostic images, a greater range of applications and more "open" space. more »